Motor vehicle accidents

Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident?

Motor vehicle accidents can be a stressful and an overwhelming ordeal. Between the experience of pain and immobility as well as the complexity of paperwork it may seem difficult to focus on healing. With years of experience dealing with motor vehicle accidents you can ensure we will make the process as smooth and straight forward as possible.
Rehabilitation will focus on the appropriate use of modalities such as ultrasound, laser and electrotherapy to control pain and promote healing.
Progression into a structured strength and flexibility program will follow, with an eventual transition into a home exercise conditioning program and re integration into work and extracurricular activities.
At the initial assessment you can expect a thorough investigation into all pains and immobilities with referral to specialty health professionals as needed.
At the conclusion of the assessment the appropriate treatment plan will be completed and submitted online to your insurance company to ensure immediate care is provided.