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Mobility, flexibility and strength are the foundations of an active and healthy lifestyle. They are also the building blocks in the recovery from injury. Whether you have had a car accident, sports injuries, workplace injuries or suffer from pain or immobility from activities of every day life, physiotherapy can get you back in motion and out of pain.

Our mission at Kevin Kelly Physiotherapy is to provide the most up to date and scientific approaches towards healing and total family health care and be the best physiotherapist in Kitchener Waterloo Area.

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Kevin graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2002, with an honours degree in Kinesiology and an honours degree in Physical Therapy. Since then, he has gained extensive experience working closely with orthopedic surgeons in a highly multidisciplinary clinical setting. He saw that patients attained a quicker recovery with a one-on-one approach to care, a model of practice he utilizes today.

Over the years Kevin has attained certificates in manual therapy through Curtin University in Australia, as well as in the areas of the McKenzie approach A and B, Therapeutic K Taping, and TMJ care.

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys participating in Triathlons, which has helped him develop a better understanding of care with the aging athlete.

Neck and Rehabilitation

Injuries to the neck and back can range from simple overuse muscle strains to more complex disruption of a disc.

Sports Injuries

Whether injured on the ice or field, you can ensure that rehabilitation gets you back in the game and competing at the level of sport you were prior to injury.

Motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can be a stressful and an overwhelming ordeal. Between the experience of pain and immobility as well

Workplace Injuries

Injuries on the worksite are generally initially reported to the workplace which then initiates a claim with WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board).

Total Family Health

Aches, strains and pains can be a regular occurrence with activities of daily living. Whether it's an ankle sprain playing tag

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

When recovering from surgery you want to ensure that post-operative protocol is understood and followed to ensure successful rehabilitation.

Neck and Back rehabilitation

Injuries to the neck and back can range from simple overuse muscle strains to more complex disruption of a disc.
How are neck and back injuries treated?